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Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Flashback

from December 2002:

Midnight Bayou by Nora Roberts. Paranormal romance.

1. I'm with you, what happens to Abigail makes me so angry. Every time I read it, I'm willing Claudine to come back in time, but she never does.

3. I also liked the way the ghost references were introduced. It really made me understand how it felt to Declan, just having these incongruous thoughts pop into his head as if it was something he'd already known, seeing things that aren't there but when he's seeing them it feels natural. Somehow that gives it a whole different feeling than if he'd been immediately startled by them.

4. LOL on the "women in packs" reference. I've learned quite a bit about men from Nora's books---she definitely has a handle on what makes them tick.

7. Declan's genuine affection for Odette is one of his best traits, IMO.

8. Wow, good eye, Jill! I was completely thrown by the idea that Declan was Abigail, much later in the book. But you're right, there are hints.

10. Yes, a little misdirection there, and I fell for it.

12. I think you're right. I know I picked up more the second time around, and probably if I'd reread it immediately, I'd have picked up even more.

16. Well, probably authors do that to add conflict, but I think it made a lot of sense that Lena would pick fights with Declan. She's trying to protect herself, and to keep a little distance between them.

20. Jill, you were definitely more on the ball than I was.

His memories of giving birth were priceless. Too bad we don't have a way to induce memories like that in more fathers.

I always appreciate your notes, Jill! I knew you'd have good ones for this book.

One thing that's different about this book is that the focus is much more on the hero than on the heroine. I find myself identifying with Declan instead of Lena. Not that she's not a complete, well-drawn character, but Declan's even more so, at least for me. I liked his manners, that were so deeply ingrained that they were a part of him. And I liked his courage in leaving a career that wasn't right for him.
As is probably evident, my comments were in response to someone else's. You can read the entire thread here.

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You already know this is one of my favorite book. Its been a long time since I done re-read on this book. So..maybe I'll re-read it again soon. And..*ahem*, where have you been...um? :)
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