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Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Flashback

from July 2003:

Taste of Honey by Eileen Goudge. Contemporary romance.

To truly appreciate this book, I probably should have read the first Carson Springs novel, Stranger in Paradise, first. Not that Taste of Honey wasn't a complete story in itself, but I'd like to see how some of these characters' stories unfolded before I met them in Taste of Honey.

Gerry's intention of becoming a nun was derailed when she became pregnant by a priest. Twenty-eight years later, after a marriage, divorce, and two more children, she finds the daughter she'd given up for adoption.

Claire had been raised by loving, but overprotective adoptive parents. The story of her being torn between two families is very poignant and real.

While they get to know each other, Gerry and Claire also learn more about themselves, and open their hearts to love.

The next Carson Springs novel,
Wish Come True, is out in hardcover now, but first I'm going to catch up on events in Stranger in Paradise.
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