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Monday, November 02, 2009

Monday Morning Meme

3's of You

3 names I go by
Darla Kaye

3 jobs I've had in My life
photoduplication clerk
preventive medicine specialist
tax accountant

3 Places I've Lived
St. Louis, Michigan
Seybothenreuth, Germany
Miesau, Germany

3 Favorite Drinks
jasmine white tea
diet A&W Cream Soda
Averna liqueur

3 Tv shows I watch
The Colbert Report
Dr. Who (on DVD)
Chuck (on DVD)

3 Places I've Been
Sleeping Bear Dunes
The Alamo

3 of My Favorite foods
Chicken Nurani at the Bombay Indian restaurant in Einsiedlerhof
Fish with red curry and coconut milk at the Orchidee restaurant in Landstuhl
buttered popcorn jellybeans

3 friends who will respond
no clue, and I really hate this question on all these surveys, so I refuse to answer it.

3 things I look forward to
going to the gym
Dagny, Curran, and Andrew coming for Christmas
sleeeeep. :)

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