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Thursday, October 29, 2009

TT #135

Our Trip to Prague, part 1

We also went to Prague this summer. Just a four-day trip, but we made the most of it. Dagny has always been the most tourist-y in our family--she likes to go places and see things, whereas Carl and I are perfectly content to go to Camp Darby every summer and visit the gym and the beach with a day in Pisa and a couple of evenings in Tirrenia. So we told her to go for it: we gave her a budget and told her to find a place to visit, and to make the arrangements, and we'd pay for it. This was the result.

It turned out really great, although Dagny was a little nervous the whole time because she was worried we wouldn't enjoy it. There are lots of pictures--this is just part one. Part two next week.... assuming I get to it.

The header is the poster advertising the Museum of Communism, one of the places we visited.

You can always click on the pictures to see a larger version.
dolls from the toy museum
a flying monkey at the toy museum. heh.
the front of the castle

just a few of the many, many tour boats on the river

a church--click to see the larger image here--the shape of the windows is very cool.
a random balcony. I was really struck by all the ornate architecture--you don't see all that much in Germany, for obvious reasons.

an ornate building
this red building is the front of the mall--we parked Moby in its underground parking garage

top part of a building
this was supposed to show the very old next to the very new. not sure it worked, but it's still a cool structure.
you'll have to click to see the brightly-colored Haribo car.

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Your pictures are lovely. I hope to make a trip to Prague soon...er...at least, one day. :) I like your blog!
It looks really fascinating, with lots to do. I'm still stuck on getting to visit all 50 states before I travel outside the US.

Calico Contemplations
It may have been rainy, but such amazing buildings!
Love all your photos, the castles, building, boats..all stood out and it pretty attraction. Love the museum, especially the cute flying monkey teeehhe. And as always truly love seeing your loves one on photos :)
sdennard--it's only an easy 4-hour drive from Munich... :)

Calico Crazy--I've only been to somewhere around half the states, but then I've spent more than half my adult years in Germany. Once we go back to the US, I intend to do a lot more traveling there, too.

Audrey--the rain did keep the pictures from turning out as well as I'd hoped, but I did love those buildings!

Julia--It occurred to me that there weren't any pix of the boys this week. Maybe next week.
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