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Thursday, October 01, 2009

TT #134

Our Trip to Italy

These--including the header--are ALL the pictures I took when we went to Italy this summer. Carl took a bunch with his new camera, but, well, they're on his camera. He says I can feel free to remove the memory card from his camera, put it in my camera, and upload the pix. Uh-huh. Obviously he realizes how much time this takes.

We went, as usual, to Camp Darby.

You can always click on the pictures to see a larger version.
there were new cabins this year--here's Carl standing on the porch of ours
inside the front door of the cabin--we bought the broom and left it there--you cannot stay in such a sandy place without a broom
refrigerator, microwave, TV, VCR, DVD player, and, most importantly, AC (not shown)

the little bedroom
the bigger bedroom

the purse I bought in Pisa
Italian scenery
Swiss scenery

more Swiss scenery--there are dozens of these waterfalls
just spurting out of the sides of the mountains


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How pretty....how pretty!!! I bet it was a trip of a lifetime.

My 13 is a mixture of funny and fact this week! I also started my 3rd year of October Halloween Treat hand outs on my blog to all the 'visitors' [trick r treaters] who stop by! Come on over!!!! [You'll need to scroll down a bit below my Thursday Thunks Meme entry to view my 13] Happy day to you....see you at my October Abode!
Well, we've done pretty much the exact trip at least a dozen times, which is why I didn't take more pictures, but I do love it--which is why we keep going back. :)
Just beautiful, I can see why you keep going back.

Calico Contemplations
I love your pictures :-)
You must have had lot of fun in Italy during the summer. The cabin look small but I'm sure it was comfortable inside. I love the scenery photos, very facination :)

Thanks for sharing!
The cabin was small, but bigger than a hotel room, with the added benefit of being able to cook there. We were spending most of our time elsewhere, anyway.
wonderful pics! Must have been an amazing trip!
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