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Monday, October 05, 2009

I've been Bambied!

Got this--actually a while ago, but I'm way behind on email--from Antje: here. I'd translate, but it makes me blush. Thanks, Antje!

I can read German and she didn't say a word too much. Start blushing! ;-)
Aw, thanks, Tink! *blushing*
Okay I'm lost *LOL*....I believe I know who Antje is but unless you are not talking about the movie Bambi, than I don't know what exactly are you saying *LOL*

*waving at Antje* Hi, if you are reading this! *grin*
Hi Ladies,

Hey Julia!! I saw you waving ;))) There's this blogger-awarding going on around the German Blogs these days, you pick your favorite blogs and award them.....and I awarded Darla ;) It's just fun and brings new visitors to the blogs. Many Germans are fluent in English and since we're reviewing German AND English originals on our Blog (my Blogpartner and I) I thought why not telling my German readers about my american pals, esp. Darla and her HUGE reading-and-reviewing list. Please tell everyone on the robb-list I said "HI" I'm just terribly busy.

Alles Liebe
Hey Antje!

Ahhhh I see what you're talking about now re to Bambi award. I have been given similiar award around the blog land from my blog friends too. Just different kind of awards ;) And our Darla is always amazing with her huge TBR pile. I'm curious to want to see her TBR pile personally LOL!

I will tell everyone you say hi, Antje. Already miss you a bunch :)

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