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Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday Flashback

From August 2002:

Harmony by Jayne Castle. Paranormal romance.

This is a trade paperback reprint of After Dark and the novella "Bridal Jitters", but since I hadn't read either of them before, it was new to me.

I read a lot of science fiction, so I didn't have any trouble with the different world scenario. I did drive myself a little crazy trying to figure out when the books take place, since the inhabitants of Harmony were cut off from Earth 200 years before the story starts---is it 200 or more years in the future, or did they lose contact with Earth 200 years ago? I finally had to just ignore that. (OCD much? me? )

In both stories, the hero is a ghost-hunter, and the heroine is a tangler. Tanglers apparently have a deep distrust of ghost hunters, who are kind of like Harmony's version of the maverick cowboy, or a fighter jet pilot---sexy, arrogant, not reliable. I really liked that the strength these men had was mental strength, rather than just physical strength, although they did have nice bodies, of course. And what was really nice is that tanglers & hunters have complementary skills---they have to work together, which crosses over nicely into their personal lives.

Also interesting in "Bridal Jitters" were the two forms of marriage---the MC, or marriage of convenience, and the covenant marriage. Nice idea. The MC was for a limited period of time, renewable---basically conferring legal benefits to an affair, while a covenant marriage was considered permanent. I was thinking it would be a good solution to the high divorce rate, but then I realized that everyone thinks it'll be forever when they get married. Maybe in 200 years....

Anyway, these were fun, entertaining stories. I'm glad I read them.
You can read the entire thread, including an explanation from Jayne Ann Krentz, here.

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