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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Playboy Prince

****½ The Playboy Prince by Nora Roberts. Contemporary romance. Re-read.

This is the third book in the series about Cordina's royal family, about younger brother Prince Bennett and undercover agent Hannah.

I've never seen the appeal of horses, so I didn't care too much about that. Mostly, for me, Bennett was just okay--it was Hannah who was the star of the book.

I like that Bennett saved her in the end--it didn't make Hannah any less capable, but poor Bennett's had to be sitting on the sidelines the whole time. Plus, it's only fair, as she saved his life in the theater.

But otherwise, we don't learn much about Bennett's life. That's why I feel it's Hannah's story, and Bennett's just her romantic interest, or her reward, maybe. There was a little bit about his frustration with being kept on the sidelines, and I think more could have been done with that if it were a longer book. One thing, I was surprised when nothing came of Bennett not telling Hannah about the children's wing at the museum that was apparently his big project that meant a lot to him.

The Playboy Prince is definitely dated, and a little typical-romance, what with royalty of a fictional kingdom--oh, excuse me: principality--but if you can just suspend disbelief and accept that (and accept the people from all different countries bowing and curstseying to foreign royalty, which, if memory serves, is Not Done), they're good stories, with real-feeling characters.

I also enjoyed Armand, and his balance between being a father and a ruler. Reminded me of some of Gaius Sextus's speeches, though not quite as intense.

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Not sure if I've read this book yet or not. But I'm sure pretty soon when we do our group discussion, than I can say that I did read it :)

Great review, as always :)
LOL--well, it'll probably be a while before it shows up in the group discussion... unless you vote for it! :)
I know that it'll be awhile..which is good thing *LOL* -- me being a slow reader teeheheee.
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