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Monday, September 14, 2009

High Heels Are Murder

****½ High Heels Are Murder by Elaine Viets. Mystery.

This is the second Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper mystery, following
Dying in Style (#2).

This time, Josie is hired to investigate Mel, a shoe salesman who's been getting complaints from customers. When Mel is found murdered, the prime suspect is Cheryl, who's been considered the standard of perfection in Josie's neighborhood since they were both children. Cheryl's mother begs Josie's help in clearing her daughter's name, which Josie provides in return for favors for her mother, and along the way Josie discovers that perfection isn't all it's cracked up to be.

I still prefer the Dead End Jobs series, but Josie Marcus is growing on me. I liked High Heels Are Murder more than Dying in Style. The characters seemed more fleshed-out and sympathetic, possibly because the plot sticks a little closer to home. As with Elaine Viets's other books, it's fast-paced and witty, and the mystery is both clever and logical.

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Thanks for reading "High Heels," Darla. My book is in Germany, and I'm stuck at a desk writing.
Glad the series is growing on you. Hope you'll like the new one coming out Nov. 3, "The Fashion Hound Murders."
That hardly seems fair, Elaine! Thanks for the heads-up. I'm putting The Fashion Hound Murders on my to-buy list now. :)
Hmmm, haven't a chance to read Elaine Viets books yet. But hope to soon :)
Do you read mysteries, Julia? They're not romantic suspense, though there is a romantic interest--it's not the focus of the stories.

If you do read mysteries, I highly recommend these, though. Lots of fun.
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