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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bodyguard of Lies

****½ Bodyguard of Lies by Robert Doherty. Action/adventure.

I've had this for a while--since before Don't Look Down (#17) came out--but it's been languishing in my TBR pile. (Robert Doherty being a.k.a. Bob Mayer)

Neely and Hannah are two very different women: Neely is a secret agent and Hannah is a housewife. They end up joining forces when Neely's lover and mentor Gant dies and Hannah's husband disappears, and they discover the men shared a deadly secret.

It's more Hannah's story, as she finds strength she doesn't know she had, but Neely also changes. I particularly liked that Neely develops respect for Hannah, not just because Hannah is beginning to show bravery and physical strength, but because she's smart and figures things out.

Bodyguard of Lies is definitely an action/adventure book. There's a lot of action and danger, and I could see this as an action movie. I have my doubts about whether Hollywood would approve though, since both protagonists are women. Unless they started out in a comic book or video game, or are partnered with a male action hero, Hollywood doesn't much care for female action heroes. *sigh*

I have a few more of Bob's books in my TBR mountain. I'm looking forward to them.

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I read this book and love it too! Although I have not yet his other books yet :)
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