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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Kind of Swimsuit Are You?

You Are a Bikini

You love warm days, and you don't shy away from the beach.

You're confident enough to not worry about how you look... but you're not a brazen show off either!

You feel sexy and young at heart - especially during the summer.

You are classic and chic. You rather own one designer swimsuit than a dozen cheap knock offs.

What Kind of Swimsuit Are You?




How ya doing? Boy this is a perfect quiz for this time of year. It's boiling hot here in Chicago...and of course I've got the oven on and am baking. Also been doing lots of art projects. I put on my bathing suit to paint! It's the only thing comfortable in this weather.

I was a retro suit:

You are a confident and flirtatious person.
You love your body as is. You believe sexy is a state of mind.
You are truly glamourous. You take good care of yourself.
You are the type most likely to stay out of the sun.

Hey I think I may have known you in a past life?
Candy! It's been a long time--mea culpa. I've been so busy this summer with all 3 kids here. OTOH, I think of you frequently, as your painting is right above my computer. :)

Kevin--it's entirely possible. My last name used to be Leonard.
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