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Thursday, June 11, 2009

TT #128

Schloss Auerbach

ARGH!!! Somewhere between Blogger, Firefox, and my laptop, the nice long intro I wrote for this, including links, did not get saved. At least it saved my header. Grrrrrrr.

Anyway. This is from our visit to Auerbach castle on Memorial Day. Auerbach is very memorable for us, chiefly because it's the cause of the rumor that I hated castles. It's located very near where my mother-in-law lived at the time, and for a while, it seemed like we went there every single time we visited her, which was at least every other week. So one time I asked if we could please go somewhere else. It's possible I was less tactful than that, and that "not again!" figured into the conversation somewhere--I was pregnant at the time. But it took me quite some time to convince everyone that I didn't hate castles in general.

This trip did remind me why I wasn't that fond of Auerbach. If you just want to see a castle, it's a nice one to go to, because the ruin is fairly complete. But on the 25th visit, when all you're doing is looking at the same ruins you've seen before and waiting for certain individuals to come down from the tower (I do not do the towers. *shudder*), it gets dull. Unlike most of the other castles we visit, there aren't many trails. A 15-minute walk around the outside of the wall is about it.

We did go a little further away this time, and walked through some woods. Didn't get lost, exactly, but we did lose any trace of a trail. Which would have been more of an adventure if it hadn't been 90 degrees out. So we went out for ice cream afterward.

You can always click on the pictures to see a larger version.
standing on the bridge looking into the moat
standing in the moat looking up at the bridge
Carl on the path to the castle entrance

the boys sitting on the outer wall
inside the inner wall--the old inn
(see the link)

the tower and part of the inner wall
looking through the front gate
of the castle into the courtyard
the "front door" to the castle

C, C, & C and the tree on the wall
Camden and Curran atop the wall

if you look at the larger picture (just click), that's Carl, Curran, & Camden on top of the tower
Carl--I just liked how these gates lined up, looking out of the castle

Unfortunately, although Auerbach is a very nice-looking castle, it doesn't lend itself to photo-taking. Apparently the builders didn't consider that when they laid it out. Short-sighted of them, if you ask me. The gate to the inner wall is just a bit askew from the front of the castle, so you can't stand in or outside the gate and take a picture of the front. And it's too close to get a complete shot. I took picture #8 standing on a ledge, smashed as far back into a corner as I could get. I had the same problem with #6--everything's too close to get back far enough for a good picture. I was standing on a picnic table to get that one. Carl may have had better results with his camera--I'll probably never know.

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What an excellent castle. Your pictures make it look fun to explore. Happy TT!
Wow....what a treat! Love all the photos you've shared.

Hello....My 13 is about mockingbird facts, baby chick photos and crepe myrtle bushes in bloom. Stop by if you can!
How cool!
Loved your pictures.

great pics! thanks for sharing!
Wow, those are super! http://www.momspective.com/thursday-thirteen-ryan/
I know this isn't funny, but it always make me chuckle when you're trying to convince anyone that you didn't like something in general *grin* -- we love you anyway :)

Love the castles you've share with us. Especially # 6,7 and 11 (which I like that they are standing up on the tower and Carl taking picture of you, I think he is *grin*.
Wow, look at all those hand rails. Those must have been some safety conscious knights!

Love these pics thanks for sharing!
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