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Thursday, May 21, 2009

TT #126

Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy... Afternoon

These are from February, but I haven't posted them yet, so enjoy. We had almost no snow all winter, but just ten minutes away, up in the hills near Gaiberg, we were going on one of our now-traditional Sunday afternoon hikes and ran into a lot of snow.

You can always click on the pictures to see a larger version.




A big tree. For this area, anyway. For someone who grew up in Michigan, it's not all that big. Likely due, I believe, to the way logging is managed in Germany.
This is a sign describing the big tree to the left. It's under historical preservation and is apparently a traditional spot for local people to get engaged.




a very old trail marker

and a bonus:
Camden juggling snowballs

No pictures of me--well, there are apparently some in the black hole that is Carl's camera, but I have serious doubts whether any of those will ever be seen again. He's had the camera for almost 6 months, and has taken probably hundreds of pictures, but they're all still in the camera. *sigh* Progress is being made, however: he bought a photo printer and paper.

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AAAHHHH SNOW! Go away.....

Great shots!
Brrr. Makes me glad for summer!
Love to see happy pics but I am not missing that white stuff at all.
Don't laugh (and my friend in Edmonton might kill me for this) but even as I get ready to go for a bike ride, I'm ready for a good snowfall!
Brrrr.....it looked so cold out there!

Great pics, Darla!
Great photos of the snows! It great to see your hubby and son there having great times. :)
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