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Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Flashback

From June 2003:

Borrowed Dreams by May McGoldrick. Historical romance.

This is a new twist on the marriage of convenience story. In this case, our hero, Lyon, is an invalid, and has been ever since the day his wife died and he was injured. The marriage is arranged by his mother, to Millicent, a widow in need of money.

Millicent's husband had been an evil man, and she has no desire to tie herself to another man, but agrees with the stipulation that there be an annulment when and if Lyon ever recovers his health.

There's more to it, of course, most notably Ohenewaa, a slave Millicent used the last of her funds to buy and then freed. Ohenewaa had belonged to and assisted a doctor, but was also a healer in her own right. Between Ohenewaa and Millicent, they set about healing Lyon.

However, Ohenewaa is at the center of a mystery--a Mr. Hyde seems desperate to acquire the former slave.

This was a fascinating story that kept me turning pages until the end. Lyon's increasing health corresponds with an increased interest in life, and an interest in Millicent, as well, although at first all he did was argue with her. I loved watching the two of them spar, pitting their wills against each other, and I loved watching their walls crumble.

When I met Nikoo and Jim at a book signing last summer, I bought their contemporary novels (written as Jan Coffey), saying I didn't care for historicals. I think next time I'll buy the historicals as well.
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