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Thursday, April 23, 2009

TT #125


Fasching was back in February, but I haven't posted these yet, so enjoy.

This was from the parade in Michelstadt. It was cold, and had been raining off and on all day, but the rain subsided just long enough for the parade. It was quite a bit different from last year, when the weather was unseasonably warm and sunny.

We had a great spot, though--at the end of the parade route. And next to a couple with a little kid in a costume. Everyone was dumping the rest of their candy--we got showered with it.

You can always click on the pictures to see a larger version.
Camden and me waiting for the parade to start--I look a wee bit crazed. Probably because it's cold.
The witches are a big tradition in Fasching--they go around cutting off men's ties--it's not shown here, but they've got a long rope with all the ties tied to it.
Several of the little girls here have clear plastic bags covering their costumes to keep out the rain and cold. We saw that a lot, especially later that evening.

Hippies were one of the big themes this year
"Hawaiian natives" were another big theme.

Asterix from the comics--he's passing out mugs of Glühwein.
We saw these last year and I really liked them. There's a larger group with these costumes, but this is the best picture.
These guys were following a Star Wars car, so I'm guessing it's supposed to be Jedi robes. The cool thing is that the "light sabers" are filled with liquid. Click to see the larger picture--some of them are emptier than others.

There are always a lot of groups in elaborate costumes like these. Some have bands, but most don't. They just march along and wave and call "Helau!"
I'm not sure if this is anyone important, but I liked the picture.

a float of people drinking Guiness
a local soccer team in a jail float
each town in the area sends a float like this full of local civic leaders. The hats' styles and colors are specific and different for each town.

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How fun!!!! I like the 2nd one...but then, I think witches are cool [at least the ones in Halloween and Wizard of Oz...hehehehehe]

My 13 is posted. What I see on the back of a cereal box...it's a fun 13 this week...come join me if you find time.
I love a parade! lol Lovely pics. Thanks for sharing! Happy T13!
That looks like a blast! Thanks for sharing all the fabulous photos!

Happy TT!
Sure beats the last couple parades I saw; farm equipment and old cars.
#10 IS a good picture. Nicely done!

I haven't been to a parade in eons. I ought to fix that...
I love parades! They're always so fun to watch!

Thanks so much for sharing, Darla!
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