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Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Lady of Scandal

A Lady of Scandal by Nicole Byrd. Historical romance.

This is connected to Nicole Byrd's other books about the Sinclair family, though it does stand alone.

Twin sisters Ophelia and Cordelia Applegate are going to London, but not in the usual way of Regency romances--Ophelia is determined to become an actress, and Cordelia is equally determined to protect her.

They get into trouble almost immediately, and are rescued by a possible thief, Ransom Sheffield, who takes them to his cousin Giles, a vicar.

It's a lively, entertaining story with a lot of comical mishaps, and two romances. There's some nice conflict with Ophelia worrying that an actress isn't a good match for a vicar; and a mildly suspenseful subplot about an item Ransom is determined to retrieve from the theater manager.

Nicole Byrd's books are always a good read, and A Lady of Scandal is no exception.

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Hmm. This sounds like something I've read. If I haven't, I should check it out. I bet I'd like it. Thanks.
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