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Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Flashback

From September 2002:

The Fling by Elda Minger. Contemporary romance.

I was under the impression that Jack had worked his way up in the business, but I realized James wanted him to get to know that particular resort inside out. Ten days isn't long enough to learn all the jobs, but he'd apparently done them before, and it was just long enough to get to know the resort and the people who worked there and appreciate what they did.

I'm not completely sure why James wanted Jack's identity to remain a secret, since it seemed like several people knew who he was already. Maybe it just seemed that way, but any longtime employees certainly knew, because he grew up there. I understand James didn't want anyone giving Jack special treatment because of who he was, though---it would be very hard to boss your future boss around.

I think the reason why James didn't release Jack from the agreement was that he knew Jack was sensitive to fortune-hunting, and he thought that by making Jack hide his fortune from Kate it would prove to Jack that Kate really loved him. That sounds confusing---hopefully you understand what I meant?

Very ironic when Kate had second thoughts about staying with Jack, not because she thought he didn't have money, but because she thought he had potential he didn't want to use.

Very sweet and sad when they bonded over losing their parents. Nice moment when Jack took Kate to see the sun rise over the volcano.

I really felt for Kate when she found out that she was the only one who hadn't know Jack's true identity. And what a way to find out! That obnoxious drunk.

For a while I thought we'd be getting a 3-in-1 romance---Patti with Matt, and Cherry with James. I'm glad we didn't---it was more realistic this way---Patti and Matt might be good together, but Patti needs a little more time to get over being left at the altar, and Matt deserves more than a rebound relationship. I hope they do eventually end up together, though. And Cherry--I'm really glad she just found friends. If she'd paired up with James, which I'd thought would happen for a little while there, it would have just reinforced her belief that men are only interested in looks, and women (at least her) only interested in money. I don't think she'd have let herself love him, or any other millionaire, until she learned to love herself, which she's doing now with the help of her friends.

I liked how that developing friendship was a two-way street. Cherry'd never had close girlfriends, and Kate was initially prejudiced against Cherry because of her looks. I started really feeling for Cherry when she told about her string of bad relationships. That really emphasized that being beautiful isn't all it's cracked up to be.

I wasn't surprised this book was so hot, after Elda Minger's story in Fantasy. Kate and Jack really made the sparks fly.

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