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Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Flashback

From June 2003:

The Fleeing Heiress by Gayle Buck. Historical romance.

What a fun story! This book is a comedy of errors.

Our heroine, Thea Stafford, is abducted by her sister's fiance, who intends to force her to marry him so he can get his hands on her inheritance. She's rescued by Lord David Cardiff, who's just being a good samaritan.

It sounds like it should be a simple matter for her to just go home and forget about it, right? Not so. She's been away from home overnight, and her father & brothers are frantic. So they decide that for her own good, she must marry David.

When he declines, they decide to abduct him at gunpoint and force the marriage.

Thea's father and brothers mean well, but they're not exactly adept at thinking before they act.

Thank goodness fate is looking out for Thea & David, because her relatives' bumbling results in them falling in love.

I had a lot of fun reading this story--shaking my head over Thea's brothers' reasoning and sympathizing with her attempts to save herself from their well-meaning but totally inept attempts to rescue her.
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