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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fast & Furious

**** Fast & Furious. Action/adventure.

Directed by: Justin Lin.
Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordanna Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez

We saw this Saturday night at the theater on post. It was threatening to rain, but we walked to the theater anyway, since when Fast & Furious showed there on Friday night, the parking lot was packed. We lucked out--it didn't rain, and it was less crowded than it had been on Friday.

This is the fourth movie in the series, but it's the second with Vin Diesel in it. Once again, criminal Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) pairs up with Brian O'Connor (Paul Walker), who's now an FBI agent. Dom's girlfriend Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) has been killed, and Dom's quest for revenge coincides with Brian's investigation of a drug lord.

There's some emotional content, with Dom guilty and grieving for Letty, whom he'd sent away because he was afraid it was too dangerous for her to be around him; and with Brian and Dom's sister Mia (Jordana Brewster) being reunited after Brian's betrayal of her in The Fast and the Furious.

But the main point of the movie isn't the plot. It's the cars and the driving. Well, and Vin Diesel--which is why I didn't watch the middle two movies of the series. Fast & Furious starts out with a high-speed hijacking of a fuel tank truck in the Dominican Republic and continues on through a street race, and a high-speed drug-smuggling trip across the US/Mexico border. The action doesn't stop, and it's filmed really well. No confusing shots or those quick cuts everyone seems to be doing lately.

It's just as well we walked to the theater--it would have been really tempting to peel out of the parking lot and see just how fast the
Mercedes would accelerate.

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I can't believe you didn't watch the middle two movies of the series! I thought all the movies were awesome!

I'm really looking forwarding to see Fast and Furious soon! I love Paul Walker and Vin Diesel! :)
Well, they didn't have Vin Diesel in them. :) Maybe I'll check them out on Netflix, but I just keep thinking of the second XXX movie--also without Vin Diesel. It was awful.
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