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Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Flashback

From June 2003:

Blushing Pink by Jill Winters. Contemporary romance.

Everything seems to go wrong for Resse Brock. Or rather, on the surface, everything seems perfect, but it's not quite right.

She's in a Ph.D. program...but the professor is a tyrant using her to write his boring book.

She has a job in a bookstore...but the manager is another tyrant--a young, perky tyrant, no less.

She has a boyfriend, Kenneth...but there are not sparks between them, and he seems oddly uninterested in her.

She has a loving family...but one sister is married and the other's wedding is approaching, and the pressure is on for Reese to follow suit.

The she sees Brian Doren again, the best man in her sister's wedding, a man with whom she shared a passionate kiss two years ago.

But things go wrong there, as well. Every time she seems to be getting somewhere with him, something goes wrong.

And to make matters worse, Kenneth suddenly begins courting her, and Brian's ex-fiancee, Veronica, is trying to resume their relationship.

Somehow everything works out in the end, amazingly.

The book isn't all a light comedy of errors, though. There's a subplot I absolutely loved--Reese's sister Angela's husband Drew had had a heart attack a while before, and now their marriage is falling apart. There's a wonderful story of how the heart attack affects both of them and how they end up repairing the cracks in their relationship afterward.
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