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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Blair Thumb

**½ The Blair Thumb. Comedy spoof.

Directed by: Todd Portugal.
Starring: Megan Cavanagh, Jim Jackman, Paul Greenberg, Steve Oedekerk

Last night, it was Camden's turn to choose the movie, and he picked this, the only one of the Thumb movies we hadn't seen yet. I've seen all the rest, but the only one reviewed here is Thumbtanic, which was hilarious. Since it's so short, we also watched the Family Guy Star Wars spoof.

The Blair Thumb, obviously, spoofs The Blair Witch Project, so I was at a disadvantage since I hadn't seen the original. Neither had Camden, but he liked this a lot better than I did.

The dressed-up thumbs are always cute, but I didn't get several of the references, which made a lot of the jokes less than funny, and though I understand that the main character, "Stressy," addressing the camera directly is an integral part of the spoof, it got really irritating.

I suspect that I'd have liked this much more if I'd seen The Blair Witch Project, but I also suspect that if I found the style this annoying in a 28-minute spoof, I'd hate it in the full-length movie. Eh. I didn't intend to watch the original anyway. I'm not a fan of horror movies at all.

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