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Thursday, February 26, 2009

TT # 123


We've been making it a point to do more sightseeing in the area. These pictures (including the header) are from a recent drive to the Starkenburg.

You can always click on the pictures to see a larger version.

Carl on the path up to the castle
view of Heppenheim
from the path to the castle

3. 4.
the best angle of the castle, and
the first thing you see when
you walk up the path
I don't know the significance
of this, but Camden's
standing next to it

Camden and Carl
atop a small tower
it doesn't show all that well
in a photograph, but this is
a fairly deep moat

the courtyard and the buildings that house the youth hostel
the other side of the courtyard
exiting the courtyard

the wall from the outside
the woods surrounding the castle

and a bonus:
an embarrassed Camden dressed for a band performance

I have to apologize for the dimness of the pictures--I blame the cloudy German weather, although Carl swears the pictures from his new camera come out much clearer. I wouldn't know, as he still hasn't uploaded any. Argh.

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You are so lucky to have castles almost in your backyard. Happy TT!
I could never get sick of castle pictures!
Wow! gorgeous scenery!
Camden's a cutie!

I love the castle. Heck, I love reading about your adventures 'cause they make my life seem boring and mundane. And usually, I think my life ISN'T boring OR mundane!

You're inspiring me to greater heights. And castles.
Hey, I've actually visited that castle back when I was still living in Mannheim. Good times. :)
Wow, amazing sights.
Love #7. All the castle shots are fabulous, perhaps even because of the cloudy day. I love the moodiness of them.
Darla, you're posting those castle pics for me, right? ;D
Brenda, we are lucky--and we've finally decided to take advantage of it.

Janet, that's good, because I've got a LOT of them. LOL

Barbara, I wish the pictures had come out clearer--then you'd really see gorgeous scenery!

Samulli, small world!

Thanks, Jenn!

Thanks, Julia--I guess the clouds do make it moodier. I do like the pictures where the actual clouds show up, and not just a gray sky.

Of course I am, Melody! :)

Susan, we think so, but Camden's just embarrassed. Give him a year or two. ;) To tell the truth, I think my life is boring and mundane, but we do a few cool things. That's the nice thing about visiting other people in the blogverse--getting a glimpse of someone else's ordinary life that seems new and exciting to me.
Very nice photos!
Cool pictures. Castles. I love castles (I'm actually designing on for one of my books). :)
I'm sorry that I'm late to reply, but I enjoy all the sightseeing that you guys went to. A very beautiful castles! And your two men look adorable standing there, even Camden dress up was cute :)

I hope you and your family are doing okay :)
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