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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

what role do you play?

Found on My Crazy Life With a Toddler:

You Are the Philosopher

You love thinking things over and developing theories.

Learning is very important to you, and you pursue knowledge relentlessly.

You love to talk about the things you know, often in more detail than people would like to hear.

And you know a lot! You're always taking on new subjects, interests, and hobbies.

You are at your best when you are left alone to ponder your newest ideas and experiments.

You tend to withdraw from environments that are loud, contentious, or passionate.

What Role Do You Play?

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I don't know about the being left alone and tendency to withdraw, but the first paragraphs seem spot on :-)

Happy New Year, Darla!

Doris in Munich, who's appetite is *quite* wetted by your review of Turn Coat, but for now I'll still my Butcher-hunger by "Backup", that's just enough pages for my current lack of reading-time
Hey, I'm a Philosopher too. I wonder if it says that to everyone.
Hey, I'm a Philosopher too. I wonder if it says that to everyone.
Happy New Year, Doris! Yeah, I am a bit of a hermit, so it's all pretty "me." Surprisingly for a blog quiz.

Doug--it only says that to the cool kids. ;-)
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