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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Moon Called

****½ Moon Called by Patricia Briggs. Contemporary fantasy.

*sigh* Just what I need--a new contemporary fantasy series to fall in love with. True, I gave up on LKH, but eliminating two series while adding... how many more?... isn't helping to reduce Mount TBR any. Still, this one's worth adding to the must-buy list, at least so far.

Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson is an auto mechanic and occasionally a coyote. She lives next door to the local werewolf Alpha, and instead of paying protection money to the vampires (she can't afford it), she fixes their cars.

When a teenage werewolf shows up on her doorstep asking for work with some bad guys hot on his heels, Mercy is drawn into a complex and dangerous web involving werewolf politics, experimental drugs, silver bullets, and kidnapping.

The world Briggs has developed here is thorough, reminiscent of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files (though with a flavor of its own). There aren't just werewolves--there are also vampires and various other creatures from various mythologies. I always like that, because it seems to make sense to me that if one legend is true, others should be true as well.

Mercy is a unique heroine in my experience, particularly for a fantasy series. She has her strengths--shapeshifting into a coyote, extra speed, and enhanced senses, as well as martial arts training--but she also knows her own weaknesses, and it doesn't threaten her self-image to step aside when she needs to.

The bad guy's ultimate motive in this one was a little convoluted and hard to believe--or perhaps it was just not as well-explained as I'd have liked. Still, there were great details, and interesting special effects.

I'm looking forward to reading the next book in this series, and have put it on my to-buy list.

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IIRC, found this author from a story in the book On the Prowl and read the book, Cry Wolf. Went back and started at the beginning when I wondered who some of the people that were mentioned were such as Mercy. Really like the series though I will have to read the novella and Cry Wolf again to fit into the time line.
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