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Friday, January 09, 2009

Have Your Cake and Kill Him Too

**** Have Your Cake and Kill Him Too by Nancy Martin. Mystery.

This is the 5th book in the Blackbird Sisters mystery series.

Ex-heiress and social reporter Nora Blackbird is pregnant, and is supposed to take it easy. But she's called it quits with her mobster boyfriend Mick Abruzzo, and is dating reporter Richard D'eath, who's talking marriage. Then she finds a dead body at the estate of childhood friends, and things get progressively worse.

Her friend Delilah is the prime suspect for the murder; Mick appears to be returning to the "family business;" Richard is pursuing a story exposing Mick; and her sister Libby is nagging Nora and their sister Emma to pose nude with her for a fund-raising calendar, and is scrutinizing Nora's diet to ensure she looks good for the photos. There's no end of suspects, either. The deceased was pretty universally disliked: Zell Orcutt was the quintessential dirty old man.

The cast of characters is zany and larger-than-life, and they provide some laughs as well as painting a vivid picture. Libby and Emma's ongoing efforts to create new niches for themselves after the loss of their financial status continues to be entertaining, and Nora's love life gets a few more twists.

In fact, the mystery seemed to take a back seat to Nora's private life this time, since she was preoccupied with the pregnancy--which would be understandable even if she weren't experiencing ruthless morning sickness. (Speaking of which, here's one of my favorite quotes of the book: "If the school nurse had simply told us the truth about morning sickness, she could have skipped the lectures on birth control." Hee. So true.)

Which is not to say that the solution to the mystery isn't logical and satisfying, simply that it's not the whole point of the book.

I have the 6th book in my TBR pile.

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I thought about reading Nancy Martin books, but I kept changing my mind. Maybe in due times I will finally get it :)

By the way, I pass award to you. You can chose to play or not play. The mission is your *grin*
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