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Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Flashback

From August 2002:

Isle of Skye by Constance Hall. Gothic romance.

Isle of Skye really took me back---not just in history, but to many years ago, before I read "romance". I didn't read romance, but gothics, like Victoria Holt's books, were guilty pleasures. I'm not sure if this fits a strict definition of a gothic, but that's how it felt to me, & I just devoured it.

A haunted castle, a family curse, suspicion everywhere, a tormented hero who's vowed to avoid love, and a smart, brave heroine who saves them all. Quite possibly my favorite type of comfort read.

I liked the search for Avalon, and the Arthurian quest of Regan & her father.

I did suspect Tyg at first, then decided he couldn't be the bad guy because he was too obvious, & because he was so devoted to Quin. I suspected Gillis the longest, & never ever suspected who actually was the bad guy, or his accomplice. (Trying not to give anything away here. )

Lachlan's mother's diary was heartbreaking. I felt so sorry for those boys.

Emma was intriguing. It's probably just that I'm used to series, but I'd like to read more about her as well.
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