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Thursday, November 13, 2008

TT #117


We've been making it a point to do more sightseeing in the area. These pictures (including the header--aren't those colors gorgeous?!) are from a recent drive to Neckarsteinach, the nearby town with four (4!) castles.

You can always click on the pictures to see a larger version.
driving to Neckarsteinach
more of the drive--gorgeous colors, and a river boat on the Neckar
click on this one to see it better--in the center is one of the castles: the Schadeck (corner of shame?).*

the "hinter" of the Hinterburg (hinder-castle, or the back castle)--view from the path.
the front of the Hinterburg--the front of the back castle. (you can tell I'm amused by these names)

Camden and I on the steps leading up into the ruin
looking into the courtyard.
Carl standing next to the well.
looking out of the courtyard.
Camden at the top of the steps.

looking down from the tower. If you click on the larger version, I'm sitting on one of the walls (that many steps don't agree with me).
the view from the Hinterburg tower of the Neckar river and the town of Neckarsteinach.

one side of the Mittelburg (middle castle)
the back of the Mittelburg
the front--or at least the most photogenic--side of the Mittelburg

* "eck" meaning "corner", and "schade" meaning "what a shame" or maybe "bummer" or "what a pity". Wikipedia says it's also known by Schwalbennest, "swallows' nest," but the local signs, as well as a beer coaster we found, all call it "Schadeck".

The fourth castle is (you guessed it!) the Vorderburg, or the "front castle"--it's in the town, and we didn't get any pictures of it. We only walked to two of the castles on this trip, because we arrived too late to hike to the others before dark. But we'll be back--it's only about 10 - 15 minutes away.

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A castle tour. How cool is that? You're so lucky. Happy TT!
I still haven't counted, but I know there are over a dozen castles just on our drive to Carl's mom's house. If we ever get to them all, we can always find dozens more by driving in a different direction.
Love the pictures! Would love to see those places!
Check out my Thirteen!
How beautiful...and how cool to be steeped in the ancient. Here in North Carolina, I consider my minivan ancient because it has a VHS player instead of a DVD player!!!

It would be practically new next to all of those castles!
Nice to meet you, Heather!

LOL, Di! The adage is true: in America, we think 100 years is a long time; in Europe, they think 100 miles is a long way.
Parts of Germany are so beautiful. My husband's father was born in Neustadt. He died her in our home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, coming her at the end because it reminded him of home.

I'll be posting the teapoem booklet tomorrow.
These are great pics! I would love to go on a hike like this some day! Happy TT and thank you for stopping by :)
The Blue Ridge mountains do look very like central Germany.

I'm looking forward to seeing your teapoem booklet.
Sue, I'm ashamed to admit how many years I've lived in Germany without taking advantage of all the wonderful places to go for hikes. I'm trying to make up for it now.
I'm fascinated by the names too. I really like the castle pictures. This isn't at all what I think of in a castle. Seeing it gives me a new way of looking at them.
These are beautiful castles. THanks for the pictures!
Alice, there's a wide variety here in castles. Some are just ruins, others are more like palaces and are still inhabited, some are fortresses, and then there are the fairy-tale castles like Neuschwanstein and Linderhof. The thing about the ruins and the smaller castles is that they're more fun. Less crowded, less commercial, and there's usually a nice hike associated with them.
Wow, this is amazing. I've always wanted to take a castle tour. Maybe in my retirement years. Thanks for sharing.
Oh those are gorgeous! There's something amazing about being next to all that history, it's one of the things I miss most about Europe in general.
Great pics!


My TT is at http://paigetylertheauthor.blogspot.com
These are gorgeous, both the fall colors and the architecture. Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my TT.
WOW Darla, those are some beautiful castles! And the views of every other pictures are gorgeous! Love it, and thanks for the tours!

By the way, you look lovely in your outfit! Just smashing! And your family are lovely too :)
I love pic 5. It's a great photo. Happy TT!
Wow, the pics are beautiful! Those on the castles are awesome! :)
Those are absolutely gorgeous! I can only hope that we get sent overseas once...at least once!

Thanks so much for visiting my TT.
Wow, great pictures. Mittelburg Castle is gorgeous!
"Schadeck" actually means the same as "Schwalbennest" - just in Old German, as "Skadheck".

Mittelburg and Vorderburg are privately owned, with the owners living in them still.
Thanks for clarifying the name. We went back yesterday and actually read the signs this time, so we found out about Mittelburg and Vorderburg. We'll be back again--we've only taken one of the three walking trails--but at least we won't still be looking for the Vorderburg. :)
I can't believe how tall and "foxy" Camden is getting!! :-D haha
ARGH I'm jealous! :-P
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