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Sunday, November 16, 2008

TBR Challenge for May

The TBR Challenge for May is to read a book with something about a hobby in its title. Be as creative as you like.

Examples from my shelves:
Hunter's Moon by C. T. Adams and Cathy Clamp (#1) (hunting)
Pawn in Frankincense
by Dorothy Dunnett (#26) (pawn --> chess)

Double Feature
by Emma Bull and Will Shetterly (#23) (movies)

I chose:

****½ Under Pressure by Kathy Brandt. Mystery.

It's stretching things a bit, I guess--while the subject of the book is a hobby (diving), it's not real clear from the title. I did give it a good try, but really couldn't find anything in my TBR pile with a hobby in the title.

This is the fourth book in the Underwater Investigation series, following Dangerous Depths (#26). And, unfortunately, as far as I can tell, anyway, the last. It came out in 2006, and there's no news of a 5th book, so...

This time, Detective Hannah Sampson is on the scene when a plane crashes into the water not far from her boat. She and her partner are able to rescue many of the passengers, but four apparently died on impact.

In the British Virgin Islands, it's the UK Department of Transport that's responsible for investigating airplane crashes, but Hannah gets caught up in the investigation anyway. It's complicated by a small-airline owner who insists her airline couldn't be at fault, an approaching hurricane, and a movie star who's decided that a romance with the detective who rescued him is just the kind of publicity he needs.

The mystery is full of intriguing twists and turns, and Hannah is an engaging character: smart and dedicated, a little burned-out (which is how she ended up in the Virgin Islands), a little wounded, but still sympathetic and engaging.

To participate in the challenge,
let us know what you read, how it fit the challenge, how you liked it, and how long it had been in your TBR pile.

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How about Shadow Divers? Real-life wreck diving, and yes, it does dip deep into the technical side of the sport, but there's an amazing amount of tragedy and triumph too.
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