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Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Flashback

from May 2003:

Racing Moon by Cassie Edwards. Western historical romance.

This is an unusual setting for me. Not the location---I've read several books set in Louisiana---but the time period. Most books I've read about Louisiana have been either contemporary or dealt with the area's Cajun heritage. The Indian/Native American people in the area have been largely ignored, at least in the books I've read. So that was fascinating to me.

There are so many obstacles between this couple, it's hard to imagine them getting together without a nudge from fate.

Racing Moon is the chief of his tribe, already on a bit of shaky ground because of tensions between him and his war chief. A white woman wouldn't help his position at all. He's also grieving the loss of the woman he loved: the wife of the war chief.

Maureen is an Irish immigrant, helping to support her parents by selling her watercolors. So leaving them to live with Racing Moon's tribe could leave them without a home.

To make matters worse, the war chief kidnaps Maureen, thinking her the wife of the powerful landowner Taylor Clairmont, whose home she'd been painting.

Luckily, fate does take a hand, and they're able to defeat their common enemy, Clairmont, while falling in love.
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