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Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Flashback

From July 2002:

My Hero
by Glynnis Campbell. Historical romance.

I blamed the Abbot more than Mary. IMO, she was just used. She was completely taken in by him, & truly believed everything he told her, up until the last when he wanted to kill Cynthia's baby with her & she knew that was wrong. And oh, yeah. I was pretty darn about his way of giving her "god's blessing". First time I ever heard it called that!

I liked Cynthia's healing powers. Seems like I've read a couple books lately that have little bits of the supernatural in them, but it's not made a big deal of. Suppose it's a trend? I kind of like that---it makes the supernatural seem more real when it's treated as just one other thing about her, like the color of her hair.

I'm pretty sure I've read about an evil Abbot recently, but please don't ask me where. Titles are escaping me at the moment.

And this is another one where I just cannot figure out how the author is going to manage to get these two together without damaging one or the other of them. Of course it helped that being a celibate monk wasn't really Garth's calling & he'd only turned to that life because of a destructive relationship with a woman.

I had to laugh at their opposite reactions to the first time they made love. Cynthia ashamed that she was a wanton, & Garth misinterpreting her shame for displeasure and thinking he'd failed her, & then Cynthia's shame being strengthened by Garth's withdrawal because of his supposed failure.... See what happens when people don't communicate?!

I appreciated the opinion that Cynthia's healing gift came from God, not the devil, because I go more by the parable of the talents than the story of Job. IOW, IMO, our gifts are meant to be used. Plus, I have a real beef with people who think that we're meant to suffer. But that's JMHO. Don't want to get into a theology argument here.

I know very little about old religions either---all I know I've gotten from historical romances. How's that for a resource?? Not that bad, actually---I know most authors research their historical periods very carefully, so we're getting good info---and in a much more entertaining form!
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I like your observation about the different reactions to their first time together. Of course, from a writer standpoint, it does make for wonderful character stress.
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