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Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Flashback

From October 2002:

by Lynn Kurland, Madeline Hunter, Karen Marie Moning, and Sherrilyn Kenyon. Paranormal romance.

"Dragonswan"---I don't think I've ever read a romance where the hero's actually a dragon before. Amazing how different the stories ended up, isn't it? Two historicals and two time-travels, one with dragons & one with fairies.

I also really liked the life-mate idea, just as I like it with the Carpathians. And in "Dragonswan", the stakes are even higher, because there's only a small window of time in which they can become mates before he's destined to spend the rest of his long, long life alone.

In "To Kiss in the Shadows", I didn't think the hero was that ugly. His face was scarred from the pox, but the heroine said when she looked at him "in the shadows," she couldn't see the scars. To tell you the truth, I half expected her to come up with some wonder-working ointment that would make his scars go away. Yes, it would have been cheating, I know. And I'm glad she loved him in spite of the scars.

Good point about shorter stories leaving out the cat-and-mouse game. (or cat & dog in this case, because I don't have a cat & mouse smilie) We get down to the bottom of things right away.

In "An Interrupted Tapestry," I was so ready to hate her brother. Instead, I just felt pity & disgust for him. He'll never change.

And "Into the Dreaming". I'd never read anything by Karen Marie Moning before, either. Actually, I only read my first story about fairies (other than fairy tales) a couple of years ago, so they're still fairly new to me.
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I believe that Sherrilyn Kenyon story was part of her an on going series. And I think I read it, but I forgot since it been longest times when I read it

By the way, I tagged you!
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