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Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Flashback

From July 2002:

The Diamond King
by Patricia Potter. Historical romance.

There's just something about those heroes who try to convince themselves they're only doing things because it's their responsibility, when it's obvious they actually feel very deeply. I have such a soft spot for them. Maybe because it's such a male thing. Alex did that, first with the children, & then with Jenna, & even with Burke. He really loved all of them, but told himself it was just a matter of duty.

One thing that really stuck out for me was when Alex & Jenna were thinking along parallel lines---Jenna thinking that Alex might hate her--but it was for her name & that he didn't even seem to notice her birthmark; and Alex thinking that Jenna didn't even seem to notice his scar or limp.

It was nice watching Jenna bloom. From the time she first took off those gloves after they were captured, she grew a little more each day. It was as if her 'self' was trapped inside those gloves, & when she removed them, she set her 'self' free.
You can read the entire thread, including a synopsis, here.

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