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Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Fistful of Charms

****½ A Fistful of Charms by Kim Harrison. Contemporary fantasy.

This is the fourth book in the Rachel Morgan series. For some reason, I read it out of order. I hadn't read the third book yet, though I have since. It didn't interfere with my enjoyment much, though the basic premise for the plot made me realize I'd missed something: Rachel's estranged from both her pixie partner Jenks and her boyfriend Nick.

Jenks is reunited with Rachel when his son Jax needs rescuing in Michigan, where he's with Nick, who's apparently stolen an artifact that could shift the balance of power between the various supernatural races in favor of the Weres. To let Jenks be of more help (and safer, in the cold), Rachel transforms him into human size, which adds an interesting and humorous twist.

I do wish I'd read it in order, but there were enough clues that I wasn't lost. My big thing with books lately is emotion, and A Fistful of Charms has plenty. There are a lot of mixed feelings between Rachel and Jenks, and different ones between Rachel and Nick. And the situation with Rachel's vampire roommate Ivy gets even more intense.

I very much enjoy this series, with its variety of supernatural types and the vivid, unusual characters. I have the next book in my TBR pile, though since I'm a little behind, I'm waiting on the paperback to buy the sixth book.

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