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Friday, November 07, 2008

Dual Image

***½ Dual Image by Nora Roberts. Contemporary romance. Re-read.

I re-read this on Monday, and already I'm having a little trouble remembering it.

A very early book of Nora's, and it shows.

Ariel's a soap opera actress and Booth is a screenwriter. He's written a to-be-made-for-TV movie about his life with his horrible ex-wife who's also an actress. For some reason, Booth is also in charge of casting, and he's holding up production until he finds the right actress for the lead, who turns out to be Ariel.

He doesn't trust actresses, because of his ex-wife, and he hurts Ariel's feelings a couple of times when he does or says something expressing that.

Ariel is an incurable optimist, a GREAT actress, very open and honest, and she always thinks the best of everyone and has compassion for them even when they're trying to hurt her.

Except she unaccountably hides her custody battle for her orphaned nephew with her deceased brother's in-laws. She says it's to avoid publicity, but it's not like Booth would be telling anyone.

Everything got tied up a little too easily and neatly in the end--probably Silhouette's fault--either length restrictions or actual editing. It just seemed... I don't know... unfinished somehow. Maybe there were too many things going on for the length.

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