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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Undead and Unreturnable

**** Undead and Unreturnable by MaryJanice Davidson. Contemporary fantasy.

I'm not sure why I missed this one. It's the 4th book in MJD's Queen Betsy series, but I'd already read the 5th: Undead and Unpopular (#25). Oh, well. It's not like there are huge developments between books... or at least this particular book didn't have a huge development that reading its sequel first spoiled for me.

Betsy, queen of the vampires, is preparing for her wedding to Eric Sinclair... sort of. She keeps postponing the date, though she swears it isn't cold feet. She's just busy. Her stepmother is allowing her to babysit Baby Jon, because he's colicky and Betsy is the only one he'll be quiet for. She's also the only one willing to babysit the colicky baby.

And those pesky ghosts just won't leave her alone, so Betsy has to find the Driveway Killer.

There are some interesting developments--a problem that nearly breaks up Betsy and Sinclair, and a traumatic situation involving Laura, Betsy's daughter-of-the-devil sister. And there are a couple of characters who seem poised for future developments.

Mostly, it's a fitting episode in the series--a fun, quick read with MJD's trademark snark. If you like the series, you'll like this. If you don't, this won't change your mind.

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