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Thursday, October 30, 2008

TT #115

Pictures of Our House

If you've been around here a while, you know we spent a month at home in San Antonio this summer getting Curran settled. We were so busy, we kept forgetting to take pictures--and really, we didn't do a whole lot that was picture-worthy. But we did take a few, so here are some. These are of our house. Don't mind the mess--we were more focused on doing repairs, yard work, and organizing things to pay much attention to tidying.

The header is Burnsie inviting you in to the house. Welcome!

You can always click on the pictures to see a larger version.
the front door
Looking out the front door. That's Dagny's car parked at the curb.
this is what you see when you open the front door--the loft overlooks the living room.

the living room--we didn't bring our leather furniture or our Schrank with us when we moved because we didn't want them to be damaged.
the dining room--we left this behind because we wanted to buy new dining room furniture over here--the table is marble and very heavy, and we never liked the chairs

the kitchen
the breakfast nook at the back of the kitchen
the breakfast nook from the outside

the left side of the garage, with Carl's model train layout and his motorcycle
the right side of the garage, with our 1988 Mustang GT convertible. I love that car. *sigh*

the back yard--all the trees were one of the things we loved when we bought the house, but all that shade killed the grass. That's one of the big things we'll be working on when we move back.
the loft--it's larger than it looks in this picture.
part of Curran's closet--even more than the trees, I think these closets were what sold me on the house. All three kids' bedrooms have huge closets like this.

I think that's it for summer pictures. Finally, right?

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Did you write on the sliding glass door? Purple chairs?! I once had a purple couch. I love the breakfast nook, inside and out. Is this your house in Tx?
I'd have left the dinette set too. Nice breakfast nook. I've always wanted to have one.
I LOVE the breakfast nook!!!
I love your fireplace!!! May I have the Mustang?
Now I have closet envy....
WOW I love the breakfast Nook! Awesome thing to have. I was surprise to see purple chairs in your living room, but then I remember purple is your favorite color lol -- it mine favorite! And I would love to have those walk in closet too.

Thanks for welcoming us into your lovely warm home :)
WOW! You totally scored. I remember the floor plans. I couldn't sort out what was what on them - and worried a bit. Turns out? Everything's gorgeous.

I'm so very glad.
Oooo, the Stang is sweet! Is that a Harley hiding under the tarp? And you have purple leather furniture. You are too cool!
Your home is really lovely!
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