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Thursday, October 02, 2008

TT #111

Thirteen Things About Camden

Yesterday was my youngest child's 14th birthday (yes, that makes me feel old!). So to celebrate, here are 13 things about Camden:

  1. He was born here in Heidelberg 14 years ago.

  2. From the start, he was quirky. His first word was "cheese."

  3. He was also polite and thoughtful from the start. His second word was "please." All my kids are polite, but Camden's even more so. He thanks me for waking him up in the morning, for goodness' sake.

  4. Camden was the only one of my kids who would tolerate wearing a hat. This evolved into a collection of hats--here are 3 of them: a soda-drinking hat, a solar-powered fan hat, and a moose hat.

  5. He's also the only one of my kids to ever have broken a bone. He broke his right arm the day before we moved from Germany to Texas. He was a couple of months shy of 3 years.

  6. Camden's got a great imagination. When he was very little, preschool age, he told us ongoing stories about "Jack Colvin and the Lost Kids." It went on for a couple of years. I'm still not sure where he got it, and he doesn't remember, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't this actor.

  7. Around the same time, maybe a little later, he came up with a tradition--every time we would have tossed salad at dinner, he would tell a story about "Skinny Teeth." I'm certain it wasn't based off this play, but the stories got quite elaborate, and he could always remember where he left off, even if a week went by without having tossed salad.

  8. Camden's adventurous. He's always eager to try new things. He didn't hesitate to go to the neighborhood grocery store by himself, even though he was the only one of the kids who hadn't learned German yet. Whenever we go to a restaurant, he almost always chooses something he's never had before. Sometimes he doesn't like it, but that doesn't stop him from trying new things.

  9. He's very smart. He's always been on the honor roll, and in 5th grade, he once got not just straight A's, but straight A+'s.

  10. Camden is Carl's new running buddy. For the past year, they've been running together 3 - 4 times a week.

  11. This is Camden's third year in band. He plays the clarinet, and is really good at it. He just bought himself a book of sheet music for the clarinet of Coldplay songs, and that's definitely motivated him to practice. He's also in the jazz band, which meets after school.

  12. Camden has an extensive chicken collection, but he's quit collecting them now. He'd intended to get rid of all the chickens when we moved, but his siblings were aghast at the idea, so he moved them all into Curran's room. Which was frustrating, because we were so tempted to get him this for his birthday, but we had to settle for this instead.

  13. Camden likes plants and animals. He has a... oh, heck--I never know the names of plants. He's got four in his room, though. Two medium-sized house plants, one huge house plant, and a bonsai tree. And he has an aquarium with a water turtle named Gamera and a handful of neons that have to swim fast to escape the "swift claws of justice."

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Camden sounds like a GREAT kid. I love imaginations and would like to hear one of his skinny teeth stories!
and Yes, I am at a Nurses Station, I work as an RN night shift in the ICU...
Happy birthday to Camden! We have this store here in the states called Hats in the Belfry - he'd love it. All kinds of goofy hats.
I am smiling. What a nice way to honor your son and tell about so many good things. He sounds delightful! Thanks for visiting my place!
Wow, I have a fourteen-year-old son too! He even looks a little bit like your son. (And he has a great imagination too.) Happy TT!
What a great kid you have :) My youngest is turning 13 next month so I know how you feel :) Happy TT
Camden sounds like a GREAT kid!
What a great kid! You're lucky to have him in your family.
You've been doing TT's almost as long as me. I think I'm at 140.

I just love how people come in who they are, so unique. Love the first words and they say a lot. My eldest's first word was KITTY. My youngest's was NURSE.
Your Camden sounds like a wonderful kid. My Bethany is learning the clarinet, her first year.
Happy birthday to the young man! :)
He sounds great! Happy Birthday to him!


My TT is at http://paigetylertheauthor.blogspot.com/
It doesn't surprise me one bit that you have such a wonderful son! What a great guy!

And a very happy birthday to you both.
Happy Birthday to youu
Happy Birthday to youuuu

Happy Birthday to Camden! What a wonderful and great kid he is! Would love to hear his imagination stories one day :) Would there be a party? Celebration?

Psss..my friend Melody just had her baby girl and recently blog about it...just head up *grin* :) And thanks, as always for visiting my blog :)
What a wonderful post. Hope Camden had a great 14th birthday
Happy Belated birthday, Camden... He really sounds like a wonderful kid with a mom that is rightfully proud of him. This is a great TT list.

My TT list is up here. Stop by if you get a chance.
Wow. Sounds to me like you have one cool son! Please add my birthday wishes to the others.

Happy TT!
He sounds charming. His chicken collection reminds me of my son's owl collection. Happy TT.
Happy Birthday Camden. Sounds like a great kid!
Happiest of birthdays to Camden - and wow. 111 T13's. Wow. I loved this look at Camden - he sounds very, very fun.

Just caught up with your review of 'Iron Man' - I LOVE that film. I must confess that I adore superhero origin stories. And this one has superior acting, truly.
What a great tribute...Happy TT and thanks for stopping.
Camden sounds like a great kid. I hope he enjoyed his birthday!
Camden is a neat boy. I like that his first word was cheese!
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