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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Times Change

***** Times Change by Nora Roberts. Time travel romance. Re-read.

This is the second book in Nora's time travel duo, following Time Was. Jacob Hornblower, the brother of Caleb from Time Was, is a genius, and he's finally figured out how Caleb time-traveled back to the 20th century, so he's going back to bring Caleb home.

But when he gets to the Stone family cabin in the mountains, Cal and Libby aren't there--instead, there's just Sunny, Libby's sister. Libby reminds me a bit of Judy Maxwell from What's Up, Doc?--she's very smart, and she's tried just about everything--she just hasn't found her niche yet.

When they meet, Sunny, thinking he's an intruder (well, he is an intruder--just not a criminal one), tosses him to the floor using martial arts. It sort of sets the tone for their relationship. They excite and challenge each other, and although Jacob knows he's going to leave, and Sunny has her doubts about a man who couldn't even be bothered to come to his brother's wedding, they can't ignore or resist those sparks.

Although the two books involve the same families and the same subject, there are distinct differences. Jacob knows where--and when--he's gone, so he doesn't have the confusion to deal with. Plus, he knows he can get back home, while for Cal, it was just a possibility.

There is still the impossible situation, however. There is no chance whatsoever that Jacob will stay in the 20th century. He can't do that to their parents after seeing how devastated they were until Cal's ship came back.

Once Cal and Libby come back, it's even more emotional. Jacob seeing his brother for the first time in a couple of years and centuries, and Libby terrified that Cal will leave with him.

Cheering everyone up is Libby and Sunny's parents, who announce they're expecting another child. They're legends to Jacob, which is fun, because in this time they're just hippies who've found that people want to buy what they make. That baby is the reason I expected this to be a trilogy, but the story really is complete with this book.

Again, it's short and sweet, but there's a believable romance, some vivid emotion, and a nice little sci-fi touch. Just perfect.

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didn't know nora roberts wrote these! I'll have to track them down. I like her (all the same) books. ;) It's like "girl porn" ha!
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