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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

TBR Challenge for October

The TBR Challenge for October is to read a book with a car on the cover.

Examples from my shelves:
Ill Wind by Rachel Caine
Full Tilt by Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes
Derik's Bane by MaryJanice Davidson

I chose:

***** The Last Spymaster by Gayle Lynds. Action/adventure.

You can't see it very well in this picture, but there is a car on the cover, just to the right of the running man. I'm not sure how long this book had been in my TBR pile, but I think it's been less than a year. I was right--according to Amazon, I bought this last November. Unfortunately, Amazon isn't telling me who recommended it. If it was you, I'm very grateful.

Spymaster Jay Tice has broken out of prison where he's been serving a life sentence for treason. CIA hunter Elaine Cunningham has been assigned the task of finding him.

And that's about the last straightforward, simple thing about this book. The more Elaine investigates, the more questions she has, and the fewer people she knows she can trust.

Why did Tice decide to break out of prison now? Is it related to the number of cutting-edge weapons and espionage tools that appear to have been stolen and making their way into the hands of a frightening new terrorist group? Who's trying to kill Elaine and why?

The Last Spymaster is a rollercoaster ride of suspense and intrigue, with twists and turns that you don't see coming, but when you look back, the course of the track is clear. That is, the surprises (and there are quite a few of them) all make logical sense, and you can see the clues once you know what to look for.

The characters are believable and compelling--they all have their own agendas, but it all makes perfect sense when viewed from each character's point of view.

It's hard to say more without giving away plot twists, and I enjoyed them so much that I don't want to spoil it for anyone else.

What I will say is that I've put the rest of Gayle Lynds's books on my to-buy list. And thank-you again to the wonderful person who recommended this book!

To play, post in the comments or on your blog. Let us know what you read, what kind of car was on the cover (or send a picture of or a link to the cover), how you liked it, and how long it had been in your TBR pile.

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I'm really so glad you love the book as much as I did. I KNEW you are going to love this book! I remember I highly recommend it to anyone who read these type of genre. And it was pick as one of my favorite book to read that year when I read i :)

*Doing more snoopy victory dance* cause Darla love it, and it hard these days to please her LOL ! *duck head and run*.......
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