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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rogue Warrior: Echo Platoon

****½ Rogue Warrior: Echo Platoon by Richard Marcinko and John Weisman. Action/adventure.

This series is quite possibly one of the reasons why I'm not all that impressed with Brockmann's SEALs. The Troubleshooters seem like fluffy bunnies next to Marcinko's SEALs.

In Echo Platoon, Demo Dick and his merry men aren't just kicking ass, they're also unraveling a complex plot involving Russia and Iran who both want a piece of the action in Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea's oil. Then there's billionaire Steve Sarkesian who's up to his neck in a proposed pipeline, and Ambassador Marybeth Madison who keeps trying to make Dickie and his buddies play nice. But he's got inside help in the form of Marine Major Ashley Evans, who keeps the bureaucrats off his back as much as possible.

Mostly, it's a lot of action, a lot of cursing, a lot of trying to circumvent regulations and bureaucracy to Get The Job Done, and did I mention the action and cursing? The book even includes a glossary for those unfamiliar with military acronyms and Marcinko's own brand of militarese. Like GTINFFAA (getting there is no fucking fun at all).

Reviews will tell you that this series is for men only, and it does reek of testosterone. Maybe that's why I love it so much.

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Having just watched another episode of 'MI5', about the British spy agency, this book sounds like one of that show's episodes. And I LOVE that show.

Just caught up to your catch-up post from the summer - Curran's IM breakup sounds like a horrible scene from a movie starring Michael Cera. I'm so glad he did get his licence after that.

Anytime you're looking for something to blog about - Tag! You're it!
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