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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Risky Business

**** Risky Business by Nora Roberts. Romantic suspense. Re-read.

This is one of Nora's earliest romantic suspense books, from 1986.

I was thinking this was like the precursor to The Reef, but it's not--that was Treasures Lost, Treasures Found (#13), IIRC. This one still has diving, but there isn't any treasure hunting going on. Instead, it's a murder mystery.

Liz Palmer is a single mother who owns a dive shop in Cozumel. She discovers the dead body of her employee Jerry Sharpe, then his twin brother Jonas shows up and there's romance and danger.

Liz got on my nerves a bit--I didn't understand why she refused to answer any questions about Jerry, for one thing. If she'd thought that doing so would put her in danger, that might make sense, but she didn't. She just kept repeating that it was none of her business.

I also didn't understand her relationship with her parents. As we see later in the book, they love her and are proud of her, and she seems to get along fine with them, but I'm not understanding why being a single parent means she can never return to the States.

I did like the brothers. They'd obviously lived up to their assigned roles: The Responsible One and The Irresponsible One. And it was interesting to see how that shaped them, and very poignant when Jonas realizes some things about his brother and about himself.

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