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Monday, October 27, 2008

Interview with Author Jeff Rivera

Little background here: I haven't read Jeff's book, Forever My Lady, yet, though I have read the excerpt on his website, and I'm intrigued and looking forward to reading it. I like the idea of hosting author interviews--and contests!--so I jumped at the offer.

Here's Jeff Rivera:

From what I understand, Forever My Lady started out as a script. What was the transition like for you from screenplay writing to writing novels?

You know I am so grateful for the training in storytelling that scriptwriting gave me. It really helped me focus on writing scenes not just meandering thoughts. It also taught me so much structure. The only thing I had to really learn was to allow myself to let the characters thoughts come through because in scriptwriting you're not allowed to do that.

Your main characters, Jennifer and Dio have been together since childhood. Do you think that Jennifer really loved Dio or was it just a crush?

I really do believe that she loved him, at least at the beginning. I'm kind of split about this actually because to me they're more than just characters. Darla, they're almost like real people. I know at the beginning it was more than just a crush, it was a bond a survival bond that truly became true love. And I do think in a sense, they are soul mates but relationships change and they learn that first hand in this novel.

Dio has so much anger in the book at first. Why is this and did you have such anger ever?

I think more than anger, he had frustration. The feeling of not being understood and feeling judged, so yes, he definitely had a chip on his shoulder but I think for good reason, Darla. There was a time that I wasn't so much angry as frustrated and depressed about my living conditions and where I was going in my life.

I noticed you have love advice on your new web blog, why did you add this?

Remarkably, I get a lot of emails from people asking me for love advice, which I thought was rather interesting. So, I thought it would be cool to add this to my blog so people can get love advice from a regular guy's perspective instead of a psychologist or only a female perspective.

How can my readers get a copy of Forever My Lady?

Yeah, they can get a copy of the novel at their local bookstore, at Amazon.com or my website: www.JeffRivera.com

If you'd like a chance to win a copy of Forever My Lady, leave a comment here. I'll choose a winner next week.

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Ohhhhhhh...this look like a good book to read!

And hey Darla, I love the idea of author interview and contest! Great idea for a blog :)

Good luck to everyone who participates!
Hey good for you Darla! I'm excited for you for hosting author interviews and contests!! Maybe we should do a Denver Cereal one? or when the novels are done? hmmmmm
Thanks for the support, everyone! -- Jeff Rivera (Author of FOREVER MY LADY)
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