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Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Flashback

from July 2002:

On the Edge by Lynn Erickson. Romantic suspense.

I loved On the Edge. It was so hard to put down, I even took Dramamine so I could finish reading it in the car on our trip to MD. And I hate taking Dramamine. It was very much not what I expected. More complex than I'd thought it would be. Meredith going from a dull but safe relationship into an obsession with Erik, which was both good for her, because she discovered her sensual side, and bad for her, because she lost her self in the relationship. I don't think she'd have been ready for a fulfilling relationship with the new guy if she hadn't gone through the emotional & sensual upheaval with Erik. Nice to know that even a psychologist can get caught in an unbalanced relationship. It was very clearly written, & I was right there with her all the way---her feelings were very understandable.

I, too was shocked by the ending. At first, I was sure Erik had survived, but as time went on, I started doubting it. The reason behind the murder surprised me, too. I thought I saw what was coming, but I was wrong. I love it when I get surprised. Thanks.
You can read the entire thread, including a conversation with the authors and a synopsis, here.

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