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Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Flashback

from May 2003:

Heart of the Tiger
by Lynn Kerstan. Historical romance.

This book was just a joy to read. Every once in a while, the story, my mood, the style, the phase of the moon, and the characters are aligned just right and I slip into the world of the book effortlessly and stay there gladly until the last page. This was one of those rare times. Imagine how thrilled I was to find out it's part of a series!

I'm not doing very well at categorizing
Heart of the Tiger. It's a historical romance, but it's also a murder mystery and a farce--not in the silly sense, but rather in a comedy of errors sense.

Mira Holcombe and her seriously ill father have been forced off their country estate, so she takes him to London, where she intends to kill the man responsible: the Duke of Tallant. His brother, Michael Keynes, has been spending the last several years working at ruining the duke, and is also in London. Later on, we find the duke's daughter in London, who also intends to kill him. When the duke ends up dead, they each suspect the others, but they're also drawn to protect each other.

And along the way, Mira and Michael fall in love, and learn something about themselves and revenge.

Heart of the Tiger kept me turning the pages and staying up way past my bedtime. It's a keeper. I'm going to have to look for the first book in this series, The Golden Leopard, and wait impatiently for the 3rd in November.
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