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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Alluring Tales

Alluring Tales. Erotic romance.

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Thanks so much for the lovely review of Kili's Ice Man! The story was a lot of fun to write and I love it when a reader giggles at the right parts. :)

I noticed you're in Heidelberg. I lived in Germany: Heilbronn, Zweibruecken and Worms, and Heidelberg was a favorite weekend destination for me.
Delilah emailed me and said to come check out the review. I'm so glad you enjoyed Tempting Grace. I loved that story, and even though it's short, I really wanted to make sure it conveyed the right things -which judging from your review, it did.
Thank You!

PS: Alluring Tales 2 is coming out soon, and honestly, after reading your review, I'm sorry I never wrote a continuation of Lukas and Grace for it. LOL I miss them.
Lots of good suggestions! I'll have to add to my to-read list.
Delilah: Thank you for writing such a fun story! :)

What took you to Germany? Those locations sound military.

Sasha: I'm still impressed that you fit so much into such a short story without leaving me feeling shortchanged.

Thanks for the heads-up on Alluring Tales 2. I'll be looking for it.

Brenda: This is definitely a good anthology--there's something for everyone, and it's all steamy. :)
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