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Thursday, September 18, 2008

TT #109

Thirteen Projects from Donors Choose

I was making my monthly donation at Donors Choose and it was hard to pick which project to donate to. All these teachers asking for basic supplies for their classes. If I could fund them all, I would. So I thought I'd pass it on to you.

Help Public School Kids by Funding my Challenge at DonorsChoose

  1. Making Students Ready to Learn. Mrs. S, grades 7 & 8, Buffalo, NY: My students need binders, paper, dividers, labels, pencils, and rulers.

  2. First Day of School Essentials. Ms. H, grades pre-K - 2, Lynwood, CA: My students need a class set of pencil boxes, pencils, erasers, glue sticks, colored pencils, and a sharpener.

  3. Supply Dream. Ms. O, grades 3 - 5, Dallas, TX: My students need a a variety of supplies for their classroom that include; pencils, heavy duty stapler, little staplers for each group table, tough tape dispenser, white board erasers, pocket portfolios, tissue for their little noses, and storage bins to keep it all organized.

  4. Wanted!! Basic Classroom Supplies. Mrs. M, grades 3 - 5, Liberty, MS: My students need basic supplies like, crayons, pencils, color pencils, copy paper, tape, card stock, dictionaries, and the list goes on and on.

  5. New School Year + New Students = A Need for Basic Supplies. Ms. S, grades pre-K - 2, Texas: My students need a classpack of crayola 16 count crayons, 4 packs of pencils, 2 classpacks of glue sticks, 4 dozen dry-erase markers, 1 classpack of Fiskar scissors, 1 case of copy paper and 10 packs of notebook paper.

  6. Starting Off on the Right Foot. Ms. T, grades 3 - 5, Dallas, TX: My students need the basic supplies required to be successful, including pencils, crayons, glue sticks and a pencil sharpener.

  7. Desperate for School Supplies. Please Help! Mrs. R, kindergarten, Chicago, IL: My students need basic supplies, including jumbo pencils, crayons, dry erase markers, 30 writing prompt journals and glue sticks.

  8. Desperately Needed School Supplies. Ms. S, 4th grade, Bronx, NY: My students need 19 school supplies including composition books, red pens, hi-liters, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, looseleaf paper, folders, construction paper, glue sticks, dry erase markers, and tape.

  9. The Perfect Beginning. Mrs. B, 1st grade, OK: My students need crayons, pencils, construction paper, ink stamp pads, glue, and copy paper.

  10. Supply My Classroom. Ms. T, 2nd grade, Savannah, GA: My students need basic school supplies such as pencils, paper, crayons, and a pencil sharpener.

  11. Tools for School. Mrs. G, kindergarten, Bridgeport, CT: My students need construction paper, crayons, scissors, paint, and similar tools and supplies they need to be successful in school.

  12. Fantastic First Day of First Grade! Ms H, 1st grade, OK: My students need basic supplies (paper, pencils, glue sticks, folders) for a good start to the school year.

  13. A Pencil for Every Student: Ms J, grades 3 - 5, Dallas, TX: My students need 60 spiral notebooks, an electric pencil sharpener, poster paint, solar system notepads, construction paper, index cards, pencils, and pens.

Any amount is helpful. Click on Help Public School Kids by Funding my Challenge at DonorsChoose or on the challenge meter in my sidebar.

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This is one great TT, Darla! Love the button too. :)
I had no idea this site to help children existed. Thanks for telling us about it. It's great to be able to connect to needs. Happy TT!
that is a great thursday thirteen list, my favorite aunt is a school teacher, and is always in need of things for "her kids".
What a great program! Sad though that they need so much help with basics - I don't remember it being like that when I was in school - I guess it probablly wasn't. So, which one did you choose?
Happpppy TT!
They all seem to be needing the same basics. School provided book and pencils back when I went to school and we bought our own notebooks. I hope everyone gets what they need.
I just dropped over $100 on exactly those kind of supplies for my own kids. You think they'd accept a notebook or two instead of cash?
Thanks for visiting at my place. I love you site and your TT. I will have to come back and read again. I see you also have a link for Booking Through Thursday. I like that one as well!
Excellent list idea, and very worthwhile projects to help! Happy TT
Also wanted to say I ready about the TBR challenge. I am intrigued. I too have a hard time choosing and would be great to have some structure. After all, I am a speech pathologist and we LOVE structure. The more the better. Hence, Wordful Wednesday, Booking through Thursday, Thursday Thirteen, Photo Friday LOL!!! Not that I do it all but some weeks it is nice.
Today's children are tomorrow's leaders so we all need to pay attention to project like this and help when we can.
Very interesting project. It's a shame schools don't supply the basics anymore - especially if parents cannot.

Thanks for visiting my TT!
What a great cause to donate too. My little one's school does the same type of thing. I hope they make their goals. Happy TT!
It really hurts my heart that there are children in school lacking such basic things as pencils and glue sticks.
Unfortunately we were on the receiving end of cram the van so I really want to Thank people like you!!!!!

I wish I could but I only have enough right now to support the two classes my kids are in. Money is tight. Happy TT.
Donors choose is a great resource for teachers who hav classroom needs. I've used it for my own classroom.
You are such an inspiration! Here you are in the middle of life trying to improve someone else's life. YAY!!
Best of luck with the fund raising. I love learning with kids!
You're a very caring person. That's a great list. Thanks.
What a great idea for a list!
Great list! I know teacher need help with supplies for the kids all through the school year. Happy TT!
I heard about Donors Choose before, I just don't remember from where. I gotta read more about them.

Here in the Philippines, if teachers from the countryside, and even from the less endowed public schools in the cities - if the teachers had access to post help wanted items you'd probably see requests to build/repair comfort rooms, setup blackboards, buy books, etc.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by my TT too. You should give Twilight a chance, I find that you should just bear in mind that it was originally meant for the young adult set so you could just sit back and enjoy the ride :)
Thanks for your visit to Small Reflections and the link back to your informative T-13!
Hugs and blessings,
I didn't know that this site existed. Thanks for the heads up!
Great ideas:) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by my friend.
I have a wonderful friend who is a school teacher and she often shares with me stories of the children and all the items they are lacking. I try to help where I can, I wish I was able to do more. Thank you for the list and supporting so many of our teachers out there.
My mother-in-law was a teacher. Students would race clear across a crowded store just to say hi to her. She made each student feel special and valued. She has since passed away. Thank you for compiling a list so people could help.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
What a great cause. Thanks for sharing it!
Sounds like fun!

Thanks for stopping by mine :)
Thanks for the plug on this -- our neighborhood schools have had several projects funded through them. It's a good way to go.

(And thanks for stopping by!)
You know this list is so sad, I spent over 100.00 per child for school supplies this fall and that did not include the monies for fees that were required...or clothes. I hope many will help.
This is an excellent program. Thanks for spreading the word.
Wonderful site to donated, Darla! I bet your younges be proud to have mom who help make the donation project :)

How your sons doing in school?
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