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Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Morning Meme

Found this on Our Journey

100 Things Meme

1. What is the last alcoholic beverage you drank? Averna liqueur
2. Do you think you're good looking? Not bad
3. Who took this survey before you? Susan & Miranda (see link above)
4. Who was the last person to send you a text message? I don't text.
5. Last time you went swimming in a pool? in a pool? I can't even remember. Probably not in 7 or 8 years.
6. Are you happy? Yes
7. Where was the last place you went shopping? The commissary
8. Do you follow college football? Not anymore.
9. How do you feel about your hair? I don't like it, but I gave up on it years ago.
10. Last thing you ate? bologna sandwich and an apple
11. Want to kick anyone's ass? Dagny's boss & her boyfriend... or maybe just Dagny's.
12. What time is it? 6:04 p.m.
13. Do you have any expensive jewelry? not terribly expensive
14. AIM or MSN? AIM
15. Where do you live? Miesau, Germany... until tomorrow.
16. Last person you were hugged by? Carl
17. Do you like someone right now? yes
18. Do you watch the Olympics? sometimes if I think about it I love the figure skating and gymnastics
19. Last restaurant you went to? Orchidee, our favorite Thai/Vietnamese restaurant
20. Do you drink coffee? Yes, but not as much as I used to.
21. Who was the last person to call you? Curran
22. What's your sign? Saggitarius
23. Do you read the newspaper? no
24. Last time you did volunteer work or made any donation? I donate every month on DonorsChoose.org
25. Where do you spend most of your money? On life generally, food, living. Discretionary income: books
26. Where does most of your family live? Michigan
27. Are you an only child or do you have siblings? I have 1 younger brother
28. Ever been called a hoe/slut? no
29. Ever been called a bitch? sure
30. Who was your last crush? Carl. Or are we talking celebrity/fictional crushes? For celebrity/fictional crushes: Reno from Anne Stuart's Fire & Ice.
31. What colour is your cell phone? silver
32. What colour is your comforter? green, purple, peach
33. Did you ever collect Beanie Babies? no
34. Collect anything? books, movies, thimbles, souvenir wine glasses, depression glass...
35. Myspace or Facebook? neither, but my kids do MySpace
36. Do you have Tmobile? yes--it's the phone Curran uses
37. Do you play an instrument? Piano
38. Do you own an iPod? No
39. Last concert you went to? Trans Siberian Orchestra
40. Last time you were sick? about a month ago. I had a sinus infection.
41. Last time you saw your parents? 2.5 years ago for my mom, 11 years for my dad.
42. What was your favorite subject? Math
43. Ever been to a wedding? yes
44. Sex on a beach? no thanks--sand in unmentionable spots... not fun.
45. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? no--Carl really doesn't count: stuffed animals generally don't snore.
46. Are you missing anyone at the moment? Yes: Dagny
47. Did you take a nap today? no, I wish
48. How many hours of sleep did you get last night? about 5
49. Favorite vacation spot? Camp Darby, Italy
50. Favorite genre of music? classic rock
51. Do you have any wealthy friends? not seriously wealthy, no
52. Ever met anyone famous before? lots of famous authors at book signings
53. Favorite person? Carl
54. Are you multi-tasking right now? yes.
55. Do you love your parents? I don't think so. my mother-in-law, yes.
56. Do you support the troops? yep
57. Could you handle being in the military? didn't think so, but I did great.
58. Are you hungry or thirsty? neither, but thanks for asking
59. Favorite fast food restaurant? Hmmm its been so long but I love Arby's. And Taco Cabana. And Whataburger.
60. Least favourite? US McDonald's. They're better here.
61. What's your average cell phone bill? Don't get bills--we use the prepaid cards. Don't use the cell phone very often, so 15 euro lasts quite a while.
62. Do you own a camera phone? no
63. Ever had to take a sobriety test? Nope
64. Can you speak any other languages? I can understand German quite well, but speaking it is problematic.
65. Do you have a favorite number? 4
66. Last time you went to the gym or worked out? yesterday afternoon
67. How many pairs of shoes do you own? 78 if I counted correctly.
68. Do you have a photo hosting site that you use? Flickr, Kodak Gallery, & Snapfish
69. Last place you were at? the Hercules movie theater on Ramstein
70. What is your current wish? to get this move over with.
71. Favourite book? Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, but it's closely followed by lots of others.
72. Are you wearing any rings? Yes
73. Where did you get those rings? From Carl
74. Where do you wish you were right now? Back in bed
75. Why aren't you there? I have too much to do
76. Have you ever been gambling? I played the slot machines in the club with friends a couple decades ago.
77. What are you doing right now besides this survey? eating lunch
78. Last people you hung out with? my family
79. Do you have your wisdom teeth? no
80. Favourite place to be? the beach
81. Do you untag yourself in ugly pictures? No--I don't upload them in the first place.
82. Favorite sit down restaurant? here: the Orchidee.
83. Ever been to Disney Land/World? Yes.
84. What is the weather like today? Cool, cloudy, threatening to rain
85. Favourite season? summer
86. Last thing you cooked? Summer Vegetable Pot soup
87. Do you email? Yes
88. Last letter/piece of mail you received besides junk or a bill? bookmarks from Annie
89. Favorite store? the gift shops in Idar-Oberstein
90. Wearing anything unusual right now? Not really. lol
91. Last voice mail you received? Carl's aunt
92. Do you drunk dial? No
93. Stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone? Nothing
94. Do you like Dane Cook? who?
95. Have you ever bought condoms? yes
96. Ever been to Mexico for Spring Break? no
97. Are you lactose intolerant or do you have IBS? No
98. Biggest turn on? muscles
99. Ready for the weekend? it's only Monday, but sure.
100. What did you do last night? went to the movies (The Bank Job--really liked it), tried to go to bed early, but couldn't sleep, so Carl... um... helped tire me out. *coughs discreetly*

I'm a little confused, though--what happened to #8, #9, #15, #16, #24, #42, #49, #50, #51, #52, #53, #54, #55, #61, #64, #65, #67, #76, #77, #78, #79, #86, #89, and #95? This is actually the 76-question meme.

Being the obsessive person I am, I Googled this meme to find the missing questions. On different blogs, they were in different orders, but at least now I have 100 questions.

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