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Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Flashback

From July 2002:

Mulligan Stew by Deb Stover. Contemporary romance.

I really enjoyed Mulligan Stew. Bridget was such a sympathetic heroine. I could really feel for her, trying to make a life for her son, struggling, but not giving up. Feeling abandoned by Culley. It was such a shock to find out he'd died & hadn't abandoned her after all. I thought her confusion was very realistic.

I also liked the contrast between her American pragmatism & the Mulligans' more Irish way of looking at things. And the food differences were a nice touch, even though I can't say I've eaten much Irish food---it piqued my interest, though.

I enjoyed watching Riley overcome his reluctance. From his initial antagonism, wondering how he was going to get from there to love kept me turning the pages. I'm sick, I know. I just love watching these heroes fall in love despite themselves

And the little touch of mysticism---that just seems so Irish.

Now I'm waiting for Mulligan Magic.

You can read the entire thread, including a lengthy conversation with the author, here.

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