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Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Flashback

From June 2002:

Beyond Seduction by Emma Holly. Erotic historical romance.

I've been recommending Emma Holly's books for a while now, & Beyond Seduction will be no exception.

Poor Ernest. I know he wouldn't have been happy marrying Merry, but I still felt a little sorry for him. I have hopes he'll find someone perfect for him soon.

Lavinia... I initially tried to fit her into the well-meaning-but-bungling-mother mold, and she just wouldn't fit. She wasn't trying to get Merry to marry Ernest because she thought it was best for Merry, but because she wanted to cover up for herself. Selfish, yes, but not completely uncaring. Well, okay, pretty uncaring, especially when she fired Merry's elderly maid, but not horrible.

Geoffrey was just so easy-going and accepting. He made Lavinia's selfishness look all the more glaring in comparison.

Althorp---blackmailing Lavinia to further his ambitions for his son. I'd dislike him less if Ernest shared those ambitions. So once again, "poor Ernest".

Now on to our heroine. Merry. Her mother's bad-mouthing her would have hurt more if Merry had actually wanted to marry. I can't say I blame her---marriage back then didn't seem like a good deal for women in general. I was surprised & impressed that she didn't immediately jump at Nic's offer to pose for him, that she wanted to try more reasonable methods to get her way.

And Nic. Well. What a combination. That artistic moodiness & sensitivity combined with an athletic physique and the behavior of a gentleman. I started really liking him when he hired Tommy (Cris). In fact, I was so convinced that the boy was there just to show what a nice guy Nic was that it took me almost halfway through the book before I guessed who he really was.
You can read the entire thread, including a discussion with the author, here.

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