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Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday Morning Meme

Ever have one of those moments when EVERYONE knows exactly what you should do...but you? I thought I'd give Google a whack at it...

  1. Darla should take at least 1% of the total gross amount paid to employees in the previous year.
    Well, if you insist...

  2. Darla should go out with no one because she's already going out with me.
    Doesn't this contradict itself?

  3. Darla should RUN.

  4. Darla should have been there.
    Damn. What did I miss?

  5. Darla should re-evaluate her life.
    Only if I can get a do-over for things I screwed up.

  6. Darla should start banning ppl for doing that.
    Hehe. I'll start with the ones who can't spell "people."

  7. Darla should have been able to slap Angel around like it was nothing.
    Oh, yeah. Kick his brooding butt.

  8. Darla should not get a Earth's Green Card, so much is clear.
    Actually, this is not clear at all.

  9. Darla should have extra-beautiful hair, since she's pregnant.

  10. Darla should be a member of the current Congress!
    Hmmm. This has possibilities.



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